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Develop the superpower of 21st century – the ability to focus for sustained periods of time and produce high quality work.

Deep Work
Change your work style
Average Working Style

Modern working practices are saturated with unrewarding and unproductive distractions- think emails, meetings, instant communication, constant connectivity and social media.

The ‘shallow work’ is leading to people spending huge amounts of their day switching context, which reduces their ability to perform at their cognitive peak

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Deep Working Style

During distraction-free, deep work sessions we enter what is knows as the flow state. In this flow state, humans produce output at their highest level.

However, the flow state can be broken easily. Therefore, we must practice developing the habit of working deeply to get an immense payoff. The better we get at this habit, the more productive we become.

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Deep Work Home
Why Deep Working is the solution?

Time and again, multitasking has been proven to be a counterproductive approach to generating quality work. It can only be paired with non-cognitively demanding, “Shallow work” tasks.

The ability to do deep work in today’s world that is hugely distracted by new digital communication technologies has been labeled as a superpower. It is the only way proven for knowledge workers to produce insightful work capable of impacting the world positively. And while this ability is becoming increasingly rare, those who have managed to master it have influenced our lives greatly.

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  Two Core Abilities for Thriving in the New Economy
  1. The ability to quickly master hard things.
  2. The ability to produce at an elite level, in terms of both quality and speed.”
Cal Newport

Cal Newport

Author of Deep Work​: Rules for Focussed Success in a Distracted World

How does deepwork.easy make you a
Deep Worker?

Pick up the habits that fast track your Deep Worker transformation

Based on the detailed and in-depth insights from Cal Newport’s and our own experiences with deep work and deep work habits, we have refined the product down to the absolute essential habits to get good at Deep Working each day.

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Integrate your calendars to schedule and protect your Deep Work blocks

Schedule and cordon off your Deep Work blocks so that you don’t get double booked on your calendars.

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Get insights on your unique Deep Working style

Insights uncover your micro habits that are aiding or hindering your Deep Work style.

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Gamify your journey by advancing through Deep Work levels

We’ve made this transformational journey fun and motivating by capturing your Deep Work experience titles. We are super eager to fast track your Deep Work journey and help you produce your best work.

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