Why should you become a Deep Worker?

3 Min Read I’ve consciously changed my style of working to a Deep Working style over a 4-5 week period and I know there is no going back. An analogous experience I can think of is test-driven development (TDD) if you are a coder. What TDD has done to my coding approach, Deep Working has a similar effect […]

Becoming a Deep Worker is hard. Why?

6 Min Read The benefits of Deep Work are profound and life-changing. They include (but are not limited to) Productivity Increase, Better utilization of Time, Creativity Boost, Professional Satisfaction, and Development of Craftsmanship. At the same time, altering your work style to become a consistent Deep Worker is not easy. Let’s understand why. Deep Working is a work […]

How bad is context-switching?

5 Min Read There is a good chance that I will lose you by the time you are done halfway reading this article. You would have switched your attention to respond to a Slack notification or have given in to the urge to check in your email or messenger updates. What is context switching? Context switching is when […]

Why you should not use your calendar for Deep Work?

3 Min Read Actually using a Calendar is a good start, but not a very effective one. Here are some observations from my experience doing Deep Work The purpose of Calendar is not to optimize Deep Working The calendar’s primary purpose was to facilitate meetings by blocking one’s time. In a team setting, it is fairly common for […]

Deep Work by Cal Newport – Book Summary

7 Min Read Deep and Shallow Work. Deep Work is “professional activities performed in a state of distraction-free concentration, that push your cognitive capabilities to their limits.” Lets break it down to understand the qualities of Deep Work Distraction Free Concentration – Deep Work is solely focussed on the task at hand. You will have to create an […]